7 Tips for the Success of Your Article Marketing Campaign

Article marketing is one of the best and cost-effective methods of website promotion. It not only provides information to the readers about your niche keywords but also helps to improve the search engine ranking of a website, if carried out in the right way. You can look for a good SEO Company to hire the services of experts in the field for maximum advantage.

The traditional method

The traditional method of  article marketing services encompasses writing articles and submitting them to all online directories. Links of innumerable sites are also incorporated within the article text, no matter if it is from a themed site or a non-themed site. This would increase the quantity of inbound links and thereby enhance the visibility of the website. But things have changed now. Any webmaster working on these strategies would only dig a grave for himself as his/her website would only drip lower in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Latest article marketing tips

As the competition became intense, the Google became strict as well. Many changes are constantly made in the search engine algorithms. So, some of the latest article marketing tips suggested and followed by experienced SEOers are:

1. They focus only on the top search engine friendly article directories. It is better to have fewer quality links than to have thousands of poor-quality links.

2. Successful online experts always look for themed directories and websites that belong to the same niche to which your articles cater. As a result, they provide you with many relevant links from these sites.

3. For more link building through articles, SEO companies also offer your articles to some other websites that share a common theme with your website. In case, the offered articles are informative and original; most websites gladly upload them on their site and publish a link to your site along with. Hence, you can get a lot of link juice and relevant traffic with the help of your articles. 

4. While search engine professionals upload articles on your website and also submit them to article directories, it is very much possible that these articles get caught in duplicate content issues. They deal subtly in that case and have many tactics so that your website does not have to bear any duplicate content penalty.     

To avoid this, they first publish the articles on your site and wait for search engines to rank your website higher. Once this is done, the submissions are then made to article directories. Another alternative is that, they have content writers associated with their SEO firms to provide them with two variations of all the articles. So, the original articles are published at your website and their variations are submitted to the article directories.

5. Once the articles have been submitted, they make sure to bookmark the links of your published articles on several social bookmarking sites such as digg.com, del.icio.us.com, facebook and others. This way, they divert a lot of relevant traffic to your website and help you soar high in search engine rankings in no time.

6. Another latest tip that SEO consultants employ to raise high in SERPs and divert traffic to your website is to turn every article into a squidoo lens as squidoo pages usually rank higher in search engine rankings. However, only a professional can create a convincing Squidoo page.

7. Manual submission is a must for better results. But make sure you combine it with macros software for ease of working. For instance, affordable SEO Company experts save their time as they use programmed F4 key of Macros software to paste the resource box in all the articles.

Hence, it is the in-depth knowledge of experts that explains the complicated article marketing tips in such an easy way. So, professional SEO services provider is the best to be entrusted with your article marketing campaign and take your online business to the heights of glory with high search engine rankings.

About the Author:

Amber Smith is an expert author who helps in article marketing for SEO Peace, an established and professional SEO company that offers affordable SEO services including social bookmarking, manual directory submissions, contextual link building service, article marketing service and more. To know more about the services, please visit www.SEO-Peace.com

Author: Amber Smith