A Review of the Four Tier Annihilation Method Marketing Course

How would it feel to have almost two hundred thousand dollars in your back account within a month? Yea, right is probably the first thing that just went through your mind. However, we found the Four Tier Annihilation Method Marketing Course pretty interesting to say the least. One thing you should probably do upfront is get the right mindset. Understanding that this will probably take awhile to accomplish, but then again, they may say it will work in a certain amount of time. We'll know in a few minutes.

What This Information Isn't About

Many times we come across products that offer the same kinds of information. Evidently, the Four Tier Annihilation Method Marketing Course felt it was important to tell you what they don't want to discuss. So when you purchase this informational piece you won't find anything on Google Adwords, Google Adsense, SEO or any sort of regular affiliate marketing.

At first, we thought this was everything, but low and behold there was more. They also don't use any set up fees, no internet experience, no upfront capital, it's not complicated and you won't have to wait a month to see any sort of results. Remember, this is what their landing page is telling us and not us promoting their product. Fortunately, we know many people that would love all those benefits wrapped up into one product.

Money, Money, and More Money

After we found out what isn't involved, we found ourselves in front of a testimonial from a woman who used to work in a nursery. She showed how she was making $147 per sale and getting about three thousand dollars a day. One thing to note is the snapshot she shows is from May of 2008. This lets you know how recent this has been working and that it's not five years old where the information may be outdated.

The Best of the Rest

Most of the remaining information on their site talks about how the little people keep making the money for all the top people. There are percentages that explain how 95% of the people who come online to make money and purchase someone's product end up having no idea what they're doing. In fact, they share that 1% of the people are ahead of the game, while some of us (4%) are internet savvy and still can't crack the codes.

Our Overall Analysis

This wasn't really enough information to get us going, but the more we read the more this product seemed beneficial for you. The Four Tier Annihilation Method Marketing Course offers various modules to get you the experience needed to make money online. The titles range from Ninja Stuff to Foundational Methods leaving you with a plethora of instructional text and videos.

We have always found that video instruction can work much better then text. Why? Well, most people find it easier to understand, but text versions can be misconstrued from time to time. Videos almost take you by the hand and give you the opportunity to take small steps. There is other add-ons available as well, but we'll let you read the rest over and see if it's for you. It might just be the missing piece to your puzzle.

Author: Brian Garvin